Bird ID: 301
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Adopted on 2021-01-25
Opposites Attract. That`s the story with me and my sidekick, Pepper. I`m Grover, a double yellow head amazon. Pepper is a handsome yellow nape amazon. We`ve been together for 20+ years, and intend to keep it that way. My foster Mom says that I was born to be in show business. I just love attention; I don`t think I can ever get enough. Whenever a new person walks in to the room, I burst out in song. I am especially known for my rendition of `Old McDonald had a Farm`, but I also do opera, `Ooh La La`, and much more. I like to yell `Quiet`, whether it is noisy or quiet at the moment, and also ask `what`s going on?` at random moments. I love to ring my bell to add a little something extra to my singing. Oh, and tricks! I can touch a target, wave, turn around, and fetch toys to put them in a dish. I get rewarded with a little tiny sliver of almond. My foster Mom says that I am super smart and anxious to please. She says that if it were physically possible, I would stand on my head for a sliver of almond. I am very high-spirited, like a thoroughbred race horse. Mom says that I never need to worry about gaining weight because I am constantly in motion. Please contact the amazon coordinator if you are looking for a dynamic duo to brighten your life.