Bird ID: 5150
Species: Macaw
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Miligold (Military/B&G hybrid)
Adopted on 2021-07-19
Hi! I`m Hala a beautiful female Miligold which means one of my parents was a Blue & Gold and the other a Military macaw.

I`m almost 40 years old - so just middle aged for a macaw really. I came to Mickaboo in 2013 and my first foster mom adopted me immediately as I was so charming! I had a happy life with her for almost 8 years until she passed away in February of this year. Mickaboo always take back their birds if need be so they came and collected me along with three other parrots my mom had adopted. I`ve been in my new foster home since March 2020 and I`m hoping to find my second forever home with Mickaboo`s help now! My foster mom thinks I`m a lot of fun, but she doesn`t adopt birds because we need to keep foster places open for new rescues, especially bigger birds.

Learn more about me by checking out my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Hala-the-Mickaboo-Macaw-101460174915979/ - or check out my feature in the July 2020 Virtual Adoption Fair!

I will step up, but I can be a bit beaky when I`m excited so it`s best to give me a couple of minutes when you let me out for my out time so I can calm down before you handle me. I am also a bit beaky inside my cage. I will lift my foot when I want you to pick me up, so you`ll know I`m ready to go places with you! I love to be a shoulder bird, but I get hormonal, so try and keep me just on your arm. I`m a great guard bird - I will make sure everyone in the house knows if I see strangers outside the window! I eat my Harrison`s pellets like a good birdie - I am meal-fed breakfast and dinner and I eat most of my veggies, although sometimes I need some encouragement. I LOVE orange slices and I will drop them in my water bowl to make my own fruit punch :)

I say `hello` and `Hala` and `Hi` and, when I am out of my cage, I like to sit on my cage door and look out the window and jibber jabber making lots of human sounding noises. I need lots of attention and enrichment and I can get hormonal in spring, so be ready to shower me and stop me going under my cage to make a nest!

I love going for walks in my birdie backpack and I get really excited when I see my foster mom taking it out and setting it up for me.

If you have the time and space for me, and some parrot experience, I would love to meet you! Call my macaw coordinator assistant to learn more about me! --Hala