Bird ID: 5849
Species: Macaw
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Adopted on 2021-04-29
Hi! I`m Bailey and my nickname could easily be "sweetheart". I get along with pretty much everyone regardless of gender, and I`ll really warm up with just a few treats from you! I don`t bite, and my body language is easy to read.

My favorite thing to do is hangout on the play area on top of my cage. Sometimes I will climb down and wander around the house looking for you. I have a playstand and I like hanging out on that too, where I can get a change of scenery. I`m easy to manage, if you need me to move a small treat or a target stick will work. I pick up new things pretty quickly with consistent training.

I step up nicely and you can tell when I`m ready because I rock back and forth on my feet.

I eat a good pelleted diet and like a lot of fresh fruits. Sometimes I`ll eat cooked veggies, and raw veggies are a work in progress :) For training treats or getting into my carrier, a piece of raw nut works best. I`m learning about foraging and will look for treats hidden in paper or wrapped in my food dish.

I`m pretty quiet most of the time. I can get vocal in the morning and late afternoon around dawn and dusk. I can say `hello` and I have an outrageous laugh! I do yell sometimes, but usually there`s an obvious trigger that can be identified and managed.

As you can see I`m a little bit plucked on my chest and my back. That`s from a long time ago, and those feather cannot grow back now, but I don`t actively pluck my feathers anymore. Health-wise I`m in good shape! I got a clean bill of health at my last visit! I did get a little bit of a misaligned beak so I might need a beak trim at the vet once in a while, but that`s all.

I love to bathe, I get a daily spritz from a water bottle. It`s very exciting! I get so worked up that I run away and take a moment and then come back for more.

I am quite the social macaw and get along well when there are other birds in the household. I also love to help my foster mom out by gently holding on and grooming her finger nails. I can occasionally get a bit hormonal but, if not encouraged, will return to my "sweetheart" self with just a little patience.

Check out this video of me in our October 2020 virtual adoption fair!

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