Chayce ( was Rosie)

Bird ID: 6273
Species: Macaw
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Adopted on 2021-03-17
Hello, My name is Chayce. It had previously been Rosie, but I didn`t like that! I`m not sure how to begin my story, so I`ll start by saying that it`s sad.

My owner died, and I was left to wander in a very crowded home. I can`t tell you how many days I was out for, but it was scary. No one knows much about me except that I`m just over ten years old.

I do step up, though my feet hurt right now from pressure sores, so I do not always want to. I can be a bit mouthy, and I will let you know when I don`t want something by pushing you away with my foot. So far, everyone thinks I am pretty sweet and mellow. I do startle easily and often, and I make a honking noise like a goose which my foster mom thinks is pretty funny. I prefer men, though I will go to anyone with coaxing. We are working on this.

My diet was not the best, and we`re working on that, too. It turns out I like fresh fruits and vegetables, as long as someone hands them to me! Strawberries and zucchini are among my favorites.

I do have some medical issues for my young age, probably from lack of exercise. I have a fused wing from a prior dislocation that healed wrong. I also have atherosclerosis -- a very large heart and hepatic artery -- as well as an enlarged spleen and a tiny liver. This means that I need medication to help my heart and vessels work more effectively, or at least to prevent them from getting worse. I`m also on medication for an infection. I have to say that I do not like the medicine very much or the syringes and that I`m pretty good at knowing when the medicine is put in my food! Yes, I am smart!

I have so far proved not to be a huge chewer of wood, which might change. However, I`ve found that wiffle balls are great to decimate!

If I sound like a bird you would love to love, let the macaw coordinators know, and someone will get back to you.



Update, 11/3/2018: Wow, have things changed! I LOVE my foster mom! It turns out that females aren`t so bad after all. I now accept scratches and being held, and I will even go outside on the deck! As it turns out, being spoiled rotten can sure put things into perspective. I even love chewing on wood and toys now.

Medically speaking, I had some trouble with laying what we think was my first egg and I had to be in the hospital. I`m okay now except for some nerve issues in my legs, for which I take medication. I still have medication for my heart and liver and also a pain medication, but we have it all sorted now. My mom makes a great game of medicine time, which I love and get very excited about; this meant that I`m better about taking my medicine now. Of course, the walnut afterward helps a lot!

I am a pretty quiet bird for a macaw, but I have learned lots of new human words. I answer the phone with a resounding "Hello." I also say "hi" and "bye", "thank you", "banana" and "banana boat", "I love you", "good bird", "help!", and a few other things which they haven`t quite figured out yet.

You can see that I am perfect, and I am looking for my perfect human who can love me.