Lucca (+ Casper & Pretty Bird)

Bird ID: 6687
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Green Cheek
Adopted on 2021-06-13
Hey everyone! I`ve got a family interested in adopting me, so hopefully I`ll be flying out of here soon. If not, here`s my original bio below, just so no one misses out on how cute my story is:

Hey there, I`m Lucca! When I arrived at Mickaboo, I was plucking my own feathers, and no one could figure out how to get me to stop. The vet thought it was just stress, and my foster wasn`t sure how to help me. Thankfully, they had other birds: two Cockatiels named Pretty Boy and Casper. I would talk to them a lot, and started hanging out with them, and eventually moved in! Once I was with my friends, I stopped plucking entirely, and I`ve made a full recovery.

While they`re cockatiels, I`m a lutino pineapple green cheek conure, so we make a pretty odd trio. Someone started calling us the Three Amigos, and the name stuck!

I`m not sure about hands just yet, but I`m pretty adventurous otherwise. I like exploring around and seeing what`s going on, which is what got me my friends in the first place. My friends at Mickaboo have helped get me on a good diet, and made sure I have some fun toys, and it`s really letting me open up!

Of my friends, Casper is the loudest of the group. He likes to say "Pretty Bird", calling for his friend, and I`m hoping he might say my name soon too!

We all like to preen each other, and would need to be adopted together. If you`re interested in the Three Amigos, please reach out to the Conure or Cockatiel coordinators for more information.

Click here to see a video of us from Mickaboo`s April 2021 online adoption fair!