Bird ID: 6771
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Nanday
Adopted on 2020-11-01
Hello! I am Maui, a Nanday conure. I am young and adorable and I self-rescued myself - somehow, I escaped my previous home, and when I realized that being out in the big world was not what I thought it would be, I found a man working in his yard and landed on his shoulder and refused to leave. Fortunately, he brought me over to his neighbor who is a Mickaboo volunteer. I am adorable and energetic and love to fly - my foster parent elected to clip my wings for my own safety. I also love toys and scritches and dancing!!! I have been resistant about stepping up from my cage since my foster mom brought me to the vet for a checkup - I am still mad about that and the wing clip. But eventually, I may forgive everyone and learn to step-up again from my cage with patience and training and trust-building. I am very intriqued by all of the pets in my house, so my mom has to keep me under close watch - otherwise, I am headed to play with the dog or other bigger birds. I am curious and want to be friendly, but my mom says I don`t understand the dangers involved in certain activities. Due to my age, intelligence, and curiosity, I would be an ideal candidate for training for tricks and other cool things - but please remember that it will take committed time, work and trust-building. Just finished meds for a bacterial infection, but otherwise very healthy.