Bird ID: 6876
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Adopted on 2021-05-21
Hi, I`m Lars. I came to Mickaboo because my owner lost his job and a place to live. My owner had so much love for me that he tried very hard to keep me. Eventually he decided that he just couldn`t take care of me in the way that I deserved. After 16 years together, it was a heartbreaking decision. I like Sesame Street songs, parrot videos on You Tube, and sweet potatoes. My favorite toy is Birdie Man; if you meet me, I`ll show him to you. I`ve been known to be very dominant and will calm down with a "time out." Like most Americans, I need to watch my weight! I`m on a strict diet of 12 Harrisons pellets for breakfast and 12 Harrisons pellets for dinner. In the afternoon, I chow down on some veggies and a little bit of fruit (not too much for weight control). If you want to meet a real gem, please contact the amazon coordinator and ask to meet Lars.