Red Fred

Bird ID: 6974
Species: Macaw
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Green Wing
Adopted on 2021-12-17
Hi, I`m Red Fred! I came in from a shelter with 8 other parrots after my elderly owner passed away. Unfortunately there was no plan for our care after our owner died, so the shelter began rehoming us all, but nobody wanted me. Thankfully Mickaboo helped me out and I`m currently at the vet getting checked out as I might have a bit of arthritis going on.

I`m an older gal, around 37 years old.

Besides mild arthritis, I do have some other possible health issues which we are still investigating after some xrays, so stay tuned for more info about my health. Boy I sure I am glad I found someone to pay these vet bills for me - thanks Mickaboo!